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Baby Signs for Mealtime 🥑🥛





"All Done"

Before babies learn to talk, they learn gestures. Teaching your baby sign can open up early communication opportunities for them. This can improve their interaction skills, set them up for success with talking down the road and ease communication frustration with you and your baby!

It is best to incorporate signs during your daily routines such as mealtime. I would be cautious with introducing sign for the first time to your baby with food. Their experiences with food should be without pressure and positive & adding sign may cause unnecessary stress. It usually works well to introduce sign during play time or other daily routines first and once they are comfortable with it, then incorporate it into meals.

🌟TIP: start by modeling the sign every time you find yourself naturally saying the word during the day. It’s a natural way to introduce it as baby observes & takes in what they see you doing 👀

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