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Semi-Upright Sidelying Feeding


-position baby on their side with nose and toes facing the same direction

-Elevate head above hips so they are semi-upright & not flat

Semi-upright sidelying has SO many benefits and is the most commonly recommended feeding position for all babies (not just preemies or babies with feeding difficulty!).

⚠️Why it’s important:

The position we feed babies in has the potential to positively (or negatively) impact their postural stability, control of swallowing muscles, breathing coordination, airway protection and state regulation (ie. calm, stressed, fatigue, etc). So it’s important we set them up for success with optimal positioning!


-promotes anterior- posterior (forward & back, not up & down) rib cage movement so baby does not have to work as hard to breath. Easier breathing- better coordination and endurance!

-increases lung expansion as baby’s lungs expand out to the side versus up against gravity. Again- easier breathing!

-increases stability to create subglottic pressure (pressure built up in the airway by the “voice box”) which allows them to cough more effectively if needed

-the liquid is less likely to flow back down baby’s throat when they are not ready in comparison to cradled positioning which results in less stress, coughing and/or choking.

-very similar to cross-cradled breastfeeding. Makes transitioning easy!

-many research studies show improved state regulation, better swallowing and increased stability in comparison to cradled or upright positioning (Park, Pados, & Thoyre, 2018)

Happy feeding!! 🍼

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