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🌟TOY SPOTLIGHT🌟: Ring Stacker

A ring stacker is a staple toy in many homes, but often it is viewed as a “baby toy.” Don’t pack away this guy too soon because it is a great learning opportunity for toddlers! We even use a ring stacker when performing cognitive testing for toddlers in Early Intervention. Toddlers are expected to be able to stack rings by size between 30-36 months of age. A ring stacker is great to use across ages!


🟠Hand eye coordination

🟡Grasping & removing of rings

🟢Problem solving

🔵Color recognition

🟣Size sequencing


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Melissa & Doug Wooden Ring Stacker: Smaller than other versions which makes it easier for babies to grasp the rings but harder for them to put them back on.

Silicone Ring Stacker: Made of silicone so you can feel comfortable with your baby putting it in their mouth or biting it. Also has a squeaky sound which adds a "cause and effect" learning opportunity.

Sensory Ring Stacker: Offers a great sensory experience through a variety of textures that your child can explore with their hands and mouth.

Geometric Stacker: This one has the added challenge of shape sorting in addition to size sequencing. Could also target color categorizing by sorting all the difference shapes by color. Great for the toddler age range!

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