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The Nesting Co. offers in home and virtual feeding support. Working together whether for a prenatal lactation consultation or a postpartum feeding consultation, you will feel supported and more confident in your feeding journey.

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In Home or Virtual Lactation Consult

In-depth evaluation performed virtually or in person in the comfort of your home. If completed virtually a secure, telehealth platform will be used.  Consultations Include:

  • Complete History of Mother & Baby

  • Pre- & Post-Feeding Infant Weight if in person

  • Observation of an Entire Breastfeeding Session

  • Pumping Instruction

  • Breastmilk Storage Information

  • A Written Care Plan to Address Your Situation

  • An Insurance Reimbursement Form

The consultation may also address pumping concerns, back to work preparation, bottle introduction, and bottle refusal. 

Mother Baby Bonding

In Home or Virtual Lactation Follow Up

A follow up appointment that occurs after the initial consult to troubleshoot any new concerns and ensure ongoing success. If in person a weight check is also included.

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In Home or Virtual Prenatal Lactation Consult

A breastfeeding consultation during pregnancy is ideal for those who want a healthy start to breastfeeding, including clients who have had breastfeeding challenges with a previous child or have a reason to predict difficulty. We will talk about strategies and what to focus on during the first few days with your newborn and what to watch for in the first week and beyond. You are also establishing breastfeeding support prior to your little one's birth which will allow you to feel even more prepared and ready.